5 Ad Blockers for Chrome in 2023

Whenever you are streaming the shoreless sea of the internet and you start enjoying the journey, a thing comes, frequently, to disturb you, ads.

And I know that it the most irritating thing. But the good part is that you can block these ads straight away. A simple adblocker extension can make you surf without any breaks.

These ad blockers are not limited only to blocking ads. A good ad blocker can handle the cookies and various trackers that come up with a site.

Stopping these cookies and trackers and not to mention the ads, make your device fast. Very often you will not notice the slight increase in the speed of websites loading time and other factors.

But it definitely does so. Many ad blockers can show you the data of how many ads and trackers have been blocked, bandwidth saved, and most importantly the time saved.

If you want to avail all the benefits mentioned above keep reading. There are many ad blockers but are they all trusted? Let’s find out below.


5 Ad Blockers for Chrome in 2023 [Free Pop Up Blockers]

1. Ad Block Plus (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Android, iOS)

Ad Block Plus is among the top ad blockers and even a popular one. Ad Block Plus offers extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, and Opera. Ad Block Plus is super easy and fast to set up.

It has many preset filter lists that block most of the ads instantly after you run it. It can also defend you against malware and social media buttons.

If you are not satisfied with their default filters you can customize almost everything to make it the way you want it. You may even allow some sites (probably your favorite site) to keep running their ads to help them grow.

Ad Block Plus can work on android and iOS as well. For android users, it sets them up with a Firefox based browser that blocks ads.

And for iOS users, it works with the content blocker system to effortlessly block ads with minimum set up, on safari.

2. Poper Blocker

Poper blocker is not an all-rounder app to block the ads but its a complimentary app. It can definitely work alone but it was not designed to.

Poper blocker focuses on smaller ads like pop ups, pop unders, overlays, scroll pop ups, timed and other such variants which are too small for huge ad blockers. These ads might pass out those big names ad blockers with ease, but not Poper Blocker.

3. Stands Fair Ad Blocker

Stand Fair Ad Blocker is a fast, light, and trusted ad blocker. Chrome users can trust and try this. Stands Fair Ad Blocker stands fair for its promises.

It stops all the incoming ads and even pop up ads. It also does not allow the websites to track you.Stands fair ad blocker gives you autonomy over the ads that you can block.

You can block auto-playing video ads, YouTube ads, expanding ads, and more. And if you are a very serious user, you can even block Facebook ads if you want to.

If you ask it, it will allow you to watch ads on the sites of your choice. This will allow the sites to earn some revenue.

4. UBlock Origin

UBlock Origin is an ad blocker based on browser. It believes in simplicity and efficiency. The extension mentioned has many filters which can stop incoming ads and malware from known sources.

There are many extra filters to choose and like the other efficient sites, it allows you to create your personal list of filters.

5. Ghostery

Most of the time you are too indulged in the thing that you are doing that even a slight interruption can cause deep annoyances and ads are such a thing. Ghostery takes care that no ads come in between you and the website.

Adblocking just gives a touch of what Ghostery can do. The more fantastic function of Ghostery is that it can block all the trackers.

You can even know the web sites which are trying to know your location and keep an eye on your data. With its enhanced Anti-tracking, it can make you anonymous.

Ghostery is free to use but only for its basic version. To have a better version you need to pay a little amount which is nothing as compared to what it offers.


Ads are simply too much of a distraction. You can be researching for a really important meeting and suddenly ads show up which want you to visit another site, and after a few hours wasted you realize that this is not what you should have been doing.

The best way to avoid being distracted, annoyed, or just disturbed by these tiny seemingly harmless ads is to block them. Now that you already possess the names of the top ad blockers, you may go and block them.