7 Best Accounting Software for Small Business in 2023

Accounting software is a must need for every business in the current scenario where doing everything manually is not practicable. In the recent covid pandemic, managing work from remote locations was quite hectic when cloud accounting software came to the rescue.

Many accounting software has basic features such a journal and ledger management, making of invoices, payment processing, and many other advanced features to run business smoothly and help in its growth. It helps the business in the difficulties of mismatch in the balance sheet. When everything is updated in software, any discrepancy in the balance sheet or any other financial accounts.

Best Accounting Software

Accounting software providers are always searching for advanced tools and new ways to make the management of accounts easy for their users and clients. Business owners should start practicing the use of accounting software now in the emerging market rather than waiting for tomorrow.


7 Best Accounting Software For Small Business In 2023

Finding the best accounting software from the available choices in the business world is quite a difficult task. You can start sorting out the options by the tools they offer and the price amount range you can pay for the software.

Other than the standard features of all the accounting software, little things such as on which operating system they support or how reliable that software is, become more important while selecting your perfect accounting software that servers all your purpose and has a strong value for money.

Following are some of the best accounting software that you can analyze and choose the perfect one from them.

1. Freshbooks

Freshbooks is our top recommendation of accounting software when we specifically talk about the efficiency of the software in making financial management easy work. It is a great tool that helps its users in addressing recurring journal entries, bills, or subscriptions easily. It also supports online payments through credit cards, PayPal, and the payment services offered by Google.

Freshbooks includes all the necessary features required to make financial accounting an easy task for its users. This eliminates the need for any additional software for the management of accounts. It gives its client absolute control over their financial records in a single glance over the dashboard.

With every update, it comes up with new and advanced features to improve financial management capabilities. Some of the unique features that make Freshbooks our top choice and popular account management software are as follows:

  • It is a simple yet powerful solution with advanced features.
  • You can access information anytime and anywhere as it is mobile optimized.
  • It supports online payments.
  • Helpful in keeping records of invoices sent, delivered, and read by the customers.
  • Can search for invoices through its billing history management

2. Tipalti

Tipalti helps businesses in making timely payments and accurately meeting deadlines. It is a cloud-based management and payment automation tool for simplifying the accounting process and making payments on time.

This definitely will decrease the time and efforts spent by the team on financial management. The administrative workload is also reduced with fewer complications that may arise due to human error.

The special features of Tipalti are as follows:

  • It is a leading platform for the settlement of payments and financial reporting.
  • Its clients can make payments in over 190 countries through six different payment gateways and in more than 120 currencies.
  • Complies with all the tax and regulatory requirements.
  • It generates accurate payment reconciliation reports.

3. Plooto

Plooto is a great comfort to the accountants and bookkeepers. It is generally known for the way it handles the cash flow statements and their different aspects. Plooto’s smart approval technique ensures that bills are accurately paid without any delay.

You can assign your trusted subordinates to approve the payment of bills depending upon their nature and their amount. Before purchasing the software, its vendor offers you to try all of its features for free to make yourself comfortable with the software.

Some exclusive features of Plooto are as follows:

  • It allows you to define clear roles and responsibilities, eliminating the bottlenecks.
  • Audit trail and record keeping ensure that the entire track of process is recorded in case of future needs.
  • Automatic account reconciliation.
  • Plooto keeps all the contact information of your clients in a well-organized way.

4. DocuPhase

Before DocuPhase is known for the management and automation of files and documents but it does have features that will ease the work of the account and finance departments.

It can reduce the processing time required from weeks to days and it also eliminates the cost of using paper. There will be no need to worry about missing out on the deadlines as with the help of DocuPhase, automated payments can be made.

Few of the unique features of DocuPhase that makes it different from other accounting software are:

  • DocuPhase makes it easy to deal with recurring and manual tasks.
  • Automated payments.
  • Audits can be done easily and quickly without any big complications or hassle.

5. SignRequest

SignRequest is e-signature software that allows the business to save time and resources. You can save time as there will be no need to resend the documents, scan or print them, etc. You will also save the cost spend on stationery items. What makes SignRequest uncommon is:

  • It makes the accounting process more secure by integrating itself with any business workflow.
  • Resource and time-saving.
  • GlobalSign Digital Certificate adds another level of security to the business.

6. FreeAgent

You can effectively manage taxes, invoices, banking transactions, expenses, and business financial reports with FreeAgent, the feature-rich accounting software used and preferred by several small businesses. You can first try its features at no cost to make sure if this software is helpful for you or not. Some of the unique features of FreeAgent are:

  • Specially built for small businesses.
  • The dashboard feature makes it easy for users to access all the important data in just a single view.
  • The app allows you to track expenses that you have made throughout the period.

7. Invoiced

This software helps businesses to focus on more important tasks rather than doing repetitive accounting tasks. You can create invoices and send them to your clients directly through Invoiced. You can see client’s history can how often they make payments. It also helps in creating estimates or making volume-based pricing. A few of the special features of invoiced are:

  • Straightforward dashboard.
  • All the invoices are put together to ensure seamless collection.

Final Thoughts

The above-mentioned accounting software will not only ease your accounting work but will also reduce the time and effort required to make financial reports. Many of the above-mentioned accounting software offers a free trial, you can try them and then select which helps you the most.