A. Burghardt Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Burghardt, who represented Tokyo 2020 at the Olympics, made his Olympic debut in the summer of 2021.

She was a member of a German team that placed fifth in the women’s 4×100 m relay, trailing only Rebekka Haase, Tatjana Pinto, and Gina Luckenkemper.


A. Burghardt Olympic Games

after winning the 100 and 200 metre sprints at the German national championships the previous year.

A. Burghardt Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Alexandra Burghardt will compete in the 100-meter semifinals in Tokyo in 2020.

Beijing will host the Year 2022.

Burghardt was requested to help out when gold medalist pilot Jamanka of PyeongChang 2018 required a new braking brake.

They had two podium finishes and a fourth-place finish at the World Championships the year before you left for Beijing.

Germany’s Laura Nolte and Deborah Levi won silver in that division.

Burghardt claimed to be “I’m really happy for this chance and for everyone’s confidence in me, especially Mariama. Going sledding with her is a blast. Having no words,

Of course, it wasn’t easy “She spoke. Mariama and I, however, are both skilled in the art of freestyle. Even though we did our best given the circumstances, nothing went according to plan. We’re finally here, and we did well enough to win some prizes. We are ecstatic. We had a simple and smooth journey throughout.”

According to Jamanka, who described her silver-medal winning run with Burghardt, it was a “huge episode” for Burghardt. Knowing that I had a really capable brake woman on my side made me feel more confident.

Burghardt responded, “This is quite comparable, although the result [in Beijing] is obviously much better,” when questioned about his Olympic experience. We succeeded, and we have a silver medal to show for it. In a nutshell, it fulfils every expectation we had.

In Milano Cortina in 2026, where is Burghardt? Not at all, no…

As the winter season comes to an end, Burghardt is excited to resume his running career on the track.

She might be persuaded to compete in Milano Cortina in 2026, though.

Burghardt answers, “I don’t think so. I love athletics, and this summer, I want to reach a lot of major objectives.

“For me, it was a wonderful experience. I not only learned priceless life lessons, but I also got to know an amazing bunch of people.” I’ll soon be back on track, though.”

Final Words

One of those goals is to break the 11-second barrier in the 100-meter sprint after establishing a personal best of 11.01 last year and maybe qualifying for the finals at the Oregon World Championships in Freestyle Sports in July.