85-90% of the U.S. Must Be Vaccinated, Says Dr. Peter Hotez

Dr. Peter Hotez has been aware of the fact that the pandemic is not to end as soon as this. He has warned that there can be a rapid spread of the delta variant of the coronavirus which is already highly contagious in the first place.

This variant of the coronavirus has forced the threshold for the amount of Americans who are immediately in the need of getting the vaccination.

This is all done in order to make sure that the country has achieved herd immunity among all the people. Herd immunity can save the day and it tends to be much higher when the vaccine is given to the majority of the population.

85-90% of the U.S. must be vaccinated ‘if we’re going to get past this,’ warns Dr. Peter Hotez

“We are realizing now that the variant is that much of an easily transmissible one. It is now a necessity that we get the population of US as vaccinated population up to 85%, maybe, as Tony Fauci said, 90% of the country vaccinated,” commented Hotez.

If you are wondering who he is, then we will let you know that he is the co-director of the Center for Vaccine Development at Texas Children’s Hospital.

“That is not a simple percentage and the people have to understand this crisis that we are facing. We are not talking about 85%, 90% of the adults. We are actually taking this very seriously and we are talking about moreover 85-90% of the country.

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This means that this will be including all of the adults as well as all of the adolescents. We have to do this if we want to get past this situation. This is the high time to get vaccinated if you have not been yet,” he continued on the subject.

Dr. Anthony Fauci who is also known as the White House chief medical advisor predicted that the nation could have some control over this entire Covid situation by the time period of Spring 2022.

This however will only be possible if the people are getting vaccinated. The death rate and the cases might be coming down because of this. With the vaccine with FDA approval, things should go smoothly now.