How To Fix 502 Bad Gateway Error In WordPress

The 502 Bad Gateway Error is a major occurring issue faced by WordPress users. It’s constantly easier than you suppose to debug WordPress issues. When business is heavy and the system can’t respond snappily, this error constantly occurs. This problem will have an impact on your conversion rate, customer experience, and runner rankings if it is not addressed.


What Does 502 Bad Gateway Mean?

502 Bad Gateway blunder is a typical HTTP status code that can occur in all programs and all gadgets. It demonstrates that the edge couldn’t get a substantial or any reaction from the beginning upstream server. Programs and servers collaborate with one another utilizing HTTP status codes.

At whatever point you access a URL, the program sends an HTTP solicitation to the webserver of the webpage you’re getting to. The server then, at that point, returns a status code alongside the assets you requested utilizing HTTP status codes.

How to Fix 502 Bad Gateway Error?

Any blunder that keeps clients from getting to your site represents a true danger. Personal time brings about botched change, amazing open doors and can even effectively affect your web search tool perceivability.

Fix 502 Bad Gateway Error

Luckily, there are plenty of approaches to investigating a 502 Bad Gateway Error, apart from reaching your host:

1. Refresh the Page

Refreshing a page is the simplest and quick solution which takes around 2 to 3 minutes to sort out. Sometimes minor errors in server communication of a website due to sudden traffic surges can be resolved just by refreshing the page.

Windows users can refresh the Page with a shortcut, by holding F5 or CTRL and F5, while holding CMD and R works for Mac users.You can check whether the website is down by online services such as Website Planet or Host Tracker. This will assist in determining whether the error is caused by a server or client-side issue. 

2. Clear Browser Cache

Accumulation of cache in your browser may be another reason for showing an error page. The cache can be removed manually from the settings of the browser by clearing it. You can reload the website page again after clearing the cache. In case, it shows 502 errors again even after the issue is fixed, then in order to troubleshoot the problem, you can use a different browser because of the browser cache. 

3. Try a Different Browser

Sometimes, the problem in the browser causes an error, then switches to another browser. Application of different browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Microsoft Edge can fix it. If your problem gets resolved by this, then it can be concluded that there was a problem in the earlier browser.

Reinstall the browser and then check that the problem is solved or not. Switching to a different browser can definitely be a good idea to quickly resolve issues.

4. Flush DNS

The objective of Flushing DNS is to remove unresponsive DNS servers and incorrect IP addresses which causes 502 Bad Gateway errors. You can also make a temporary change in DNS servers to resolve the issue. Your DNS servers will be assigned by default. However, DNS servers can change it to a third-party server. 

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5. Test on Another Device

Try another device to determine whether the error belongs to networking. Open your WordPress on another device preferably connected with a different network, like a mobile or computer system.

Alternatively, try to restart your PC by turning off your computer with networking equipment. This will reset the system and may fix the error related to the system. Or you can check your router, modem, and other networking devices that can cause the error.

6. Check Error Log

If the error is still there, then you should check your error log, maybe the fault may lie within your server itself. Go through the site error logs created on the server to detect any particular error being on the server.  For WordPress users, add the following codes in the wp-config.php file, which can also enable error logging on your WordPress:

define( ‘WP_DEBUG’, true ); 

define( ‘WP_DEBUG_LOG’, true ); 

define( ‘WP_DEBUG_DISPLAY’, false );

This will provide you with detailed information about any errors that have occurred as a result of a recently added application. And you will see all of the causes of the errors that your website generates.

7. Check Plugins

It is better to check your theme or plugins, as their faulty poorly coded can cause conflict giving inaccessibility of error. In order to resolve this, it is best to disable all your plugins and re-activate them one by one. To deactivate, just go to Plugins and from the bulk action menu for deactivating in bulk. After this, visit your website one by one to refresh and activate each plugin. Once the 502 Error pops up again, you have to find the location of the problem plugin.

Suppose you are unable to access your WordPress dashboard, then through the FTP program try to disable them. In the wp-content, rename the plugins directory.For Hostinger users, navigate to Files of hPanel, and go to File Manager then select public_html and lastly the wp-content.

After disabled all plugins, test in case your web website online begins to evolve, running after which allows all of the plugins so one can decide which one triggered the error. This will allow you to relocate your issue.

8. Check CDNs

The problem with CDN or DDoS mitigation service is another cause of the 502 Bad Gateway errors. Temporarily disabling CDN, will remove the extra layer that has been created between efficiently delivering web content to the browser and the server.

If the issue is caused by the CDN, then this will get sorted out as the server will now load your entire website. Contact your CDN service provider customer team for support to fix it. You can again enable the CDN once the issue is resolved. 

9. Check The Site

If your WordPress site is frequently offline due to these problems, it will harm your site’s visitors. If a visitor frequently encounters a 502 bad gateway problem on your site, they may not return. When your site is unavailable, it has an impact on SEO, and it has issues with crawling and indexing. Simply enter your URL into a web tool to verify the status of your website.

10. Contact Customer Support

If not one of the above answers constant the 502 Bad Gateway error, it is better to contact the customer service group, which can be capable of appearing deeper into the hassle, and if the problem is on their end, they are probably capable of repairing it. If the hassle is something associated with your internet site specifically, they could additionally have the ability to stroll you through the solution. 


Understanding blunder codes are significant for site proprietors and engineers to acknowledge and fix the difficulty rapidly. Indeed, even issues that have plenty of expected causes, just like the 502 terrible passage mistake, are surely known and archived.

You’ll have to evaluate numerous arrangements before you land on one that works, yet the investigating system shouldn’t take excessively long assuming you adhere to the proper guidelines.