8 Best Alternatives To ’10 Minute Mail’ For Disposable Emails Address

As the name suggests, 10 Minute Mail is an email service that offers you disposable, one-time-use mail longing for only 10 minutes. The service helps us in times when we don’t want to enter our email on any random website’s verification.

No one wants to end u receiving hundreds of spam emails, then this site becomes our lifesaver. Now, why do we need some alternatives? At times we need more than just 10 minutes, more control over the disposable email.

In those times, the following list of the 8 best alternatives will come handy.

Alternatives to 10 Minute Mail for Disposable Emails Address

The digital age comes with both conveniences and inconveniences. While online services and subscriptions have opened up a world of possibilities, they’ve also brought about a deluge of unwanted emails. Enter 10 Minute Mail, a service that promises to address this very concern. Here’s your guide to this unique email service.


What is 10 Minute Mail?

10 Minute Mail is an innovative service providing users with a disposable email address that, as the name suggests, lasts for 10 minutes. It’s a temporary solution for those who need an email address instantly, often to sign up for a website or service without using their primary email.

8 Best Alternatives to 10 Minute Mail for Disposable Emails Address

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1. TempMail

First on the list of options is TempMail. TempMail lets you generate a fake and temporary email address. Just below the email address, there is an inbox that gives you four major choices- changes the email address, copies the email address, refreshes inbox, and deletes the email address.

You just have to open the site, chose the domain for your email and that’s it, TempMail will generate it for you. You need not fill any forms or any information. By clicking the change option, you can also change the email and then can enter it manually. TempMail provides its services for free and is faster as compared to any other services in this field.

2. Guerrilla Mail

Guerrilla Mail is considered the best substitute for 10 Minute Mail in 2020. Different from others, it offers you some unique features such as no sign-in, no tracking, inbox ID history, no ads, notifications on new emails, and many more attracting a good number of users.

One of the oldest websites, Guerrilla Mail, lets you download the attachments and send them too. You can also save drafts, and the emails received will be permanently deleted after 1 hour. Unlike 10 Minutes Mail, it provides you with a fake inbox too that lasts as long as you are on the site.

3. Air Mail

Another decent alternative to 10 Minute Mail is Air Mail. Air Mail provides you with relief from all those spammy mails in your original account by letting you create a temporary, disposable email address.

The email address, in turn, will help you to register on spammy sites. The site also gives you access to a temporary inbox to check the mails you receive in case you require any verification on those sites.

4. MailDrop

Looking for a non-permanent email service with no password, no signup, no security, no privacy? Then you should land on Maildrop. Maildrop is designed for little to no privacy.

Not only on unknown platforms, but you can also use the email generated by this site on almost every platform- any site or app. You can either chose the email yourself or take suggestions from the site.

MailDrop is absolutely FREE to use and will protect your original inbox from bombarding by spam emails. MailDrop uses @maildrop.cc as its domain, which most of the platforms will accept without any problem.

5. Dispostable

Disposable does not offer you as many features as others, but it’s worth a look. The site will offer you a fake email address, which will last long for up to 3 days. There are no suggestions provided by the site as the generator is broken.

The site lets you visit the inbox of the email address you generated. Just enter the address on the bar provided above and select check inbox. Although Disposable has not much to offer, it gets your work done.

6. Fake Mail Generator

The name of the site gives it all. The site enables you to generate fake and temporary mail. The site helps you to go through all the unwanted and unsecured logins and registration.

The emails are mostly automatically generated but can be changed too if you don’t like them.  The site provides you with all the basic features. A list of domains is also offered, so you can choose what you like.

7. Bouncr

Bouncr is different from the rest of the alternatives mentioned until now. It allows you to share your email publicly in a safe way. You have to sign up with your real email address, and then it sends you an email.

Using the link provided in the email, you can check, delete, or edit the new temporary email address. In other term, Bouncr hides your original email address with a proxy. You can cancel the Bouncr account anytime you want and feel it’s not necessary anymore.

You can also have multiple Bouncr accounts at a time. Bouncr also tries its best to filter spam messages. The interface of the site is quite attractive and interactive.

8. Mailinator

Mailinator is also one of the best and perfect alternatives to 10 Minutes Mail. It has been operating for many years and is more reliable as compared to others. Easy to use, the site takes just seconds to generate the fake email address for you.

There is no need to sign up on the website, making it convenient for us. The site does not charge any cost to you. One of the best features includes the deletion of emails after a few hours.

Mailinator gives out some suggestions for the email addresses too to clear out your confusion. But the site has no privacy, and all the inboxes are shared openly. Moreover, you cannot send any emails through the address you created using mailinator; you can only receive them.

Is 10 Minute Mail Still Working?

As of January 2022, 10 Minute Mail continues to operate and serve its users. Given its simplicity and the consistent need for temporary email services, the platform remains a popular choice for many online users.

Who is the Founder of 10 Minute Mail?

10 Minute Mail was created by Devon Peticolus. Recognizing the need for such a service in the face of growing online subscriptions and spam, Peticolus devised this system to offer a quick and efficient solution.

Benefits of 10 Minute Mail:

  • Combat Spam: One of the primary advantages of using 10 Minute Mail is to avoid receiving spam on your primary email account.
  • Instant Availability: The service provides an email address immediately upon visiting the site, no sign-up required.
  • Privacy: Users can keep their primary email addresses private, minimizing potential breaches of personal information.
  • Extensions: If 10 minutes isn’t enough, users can request additional time, ensuring they complete their sign-up or verification process.

Is 10 Minute Mail Safe?

While 10 Minute Mail is a boon for those looking to protect their main email from spam, some considerations surround its safety:

  • Data Sensitivity: Given its temporary nature, it’s essential not to use 10 Minute Mail for sensitive tasks or vital communications.
  • Limited Lifespan: Remember that these email addresses are transient. Once gone, retrieving any mail or information from them is impossible.
  • Not for Primary Use: 10 Minute Mail is great for one-time sign-ups, but relying on it for recurring communications or essential tasks is not advisable.

Is 10 Minute Mail Free?

Yes, 10 Minute Mail is entirely free to use. Its primary function is to offer temporary email addresses, and it does so without any charges. The platform is ad-supported, which means users might encounter advertisements during their use.

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Well, that’s all. These are the eight best alternatives to 10 Minutes Mail out of many available over the internet. All of the sites mentioned above are free to use. No doubt 10 minutes mail is a wonderful site to rely on, but it does not offer the features that are offered by the sites above.

Also, sometimes we need more than 10 minutes to complete our task. While registering on any site, always keep in mind your privacy and security. These sites will help you with that and will protect your inbox from all spam emails.

10 Minute Mail is a remarkable solution in today’s digital age, where unsolicited emails have become a common grievance. By providing an instant, disposable email address, it ensures users can navigate the online world with increased privacy and fewer spam concerns.

While it’s essential to use the service judiciously, its benefits, especially in maintaining a clutter-free primary inbox, are undeniable.